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The Battle of Azeroth is Now Launched

Just this week

Seven days a week, open the team finder (preset hotkey: i) and join any regular or heroic "Decision Azeroth" city sequence.

Or, team up with a group of experienced adventurers to challenge the following Battle of Azeroth on legendary difficulty:


Temple of Thurhas

Deep stagnation

Jingxi Town

Free port

Storm altar


Wyquist Manor

Pay attention to the following events during this week:

Zudasa and the creator of the Bollards, Shupa, have prepared a mission for you - the war envoy. And if you forget to visit him before you leave, you can also get the mission through the adventure guide.

Mission requirements: Complete 4 battles of Azeroth in legendary difficulty.

Reward: A treasure chest containing an item from the heroic difficulty of Odile.

Passive bonus: On all difficulty levels, the tail kings of the cities will drop an extra trophy (except for the difficulty of the legendary keystone).

every week

The reward event system will follow the rotation schedule and now plans to start the event on Tuesday. Each reward event will give a passive reward for specific in-game activities, as well as a task that provides one event per event, and will receive a generous reward after completing the relevant goals. The calendar in the game can be used as a detailed reference for your event schedule. The Adventure Guide also provides a direct link to launch reward events, making it easy to get into any related tasks.

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